It's only taken 16 years

Ballast on the Bridge
     Well after being told by several members of my regular RR workers and crew that I have been very slack I decided that it was indeed time to ballast the bridge at at the West end of Augusta after 16 years of neglect.
     This bridge spans a road underpass that was installed during construction many years ago made and installed by Vic. The railroad bridge is scratch built. It just fits like a U shape from under the sub roadbed. It was glued in place with silicone. This caused an issue as there were several gaps between the sub roadbed and bridge so any ballast applied would fall to the road below.
     "I have a suggestion said John, why not obtain some Blue Tack and fit it into the gaps and ballast over it". How simple.
     So whilst starting to clean my track ready for the new operating season I thought why don't I attack that bridge and get it done once and for all.
     Armed with a pack of Blue Tack , my very old pack of Woodland Scenics cinders and Highball light grey ballast I got underway and within about half an hour the whole job was done. Hmmm why did it take soooo long.
     Here are a couple of pics.
I should add that Vic did the etched grill, mirrors and bumper on the KW.

The track on the bridge allows trains to enter Augusta and the interchange tracks without having to go through the yard.
     So another small job completed that should have been done years ago. Thanks for the suggestion John the Blue Tack worked a treat.
Catch you soon.


  1. 16 years is not 'slack', it's "deferred maintenance"! It looks great!

  2. Sharp looking scene there Rod!
    "Deferred maintenance" I love it Karl. LOL

  3. Thanks guys "deferred maintenance" I should use that with my missus when she has some work for me to do.

  4. Ask already said, Look great Rod!