Friday night operating session

Last nights operating session.
     I have been holding operating sessions on my Santa Fe Railway Southern Division for many years. These have been held on the last Friday of the month with just a couple on a Saturday afternoon.
     Looking back at some of my records the current system I am using (car cards & waybills) has been going since 2009 where has that time gone.
     Last night was the second for the year and so the usual crew (bar three who had other commitments) arrived along with two guests Rob and Paul. Rob has been here on several occasions however his son Paul has not operated on the RR nor even seen it for over ten years so it was good to have them here last night.
    The fast clock was set crews given assignments and the first train left Augusta on time. Last month I started the session in the middle of the timetable and that did not work as trains were not in position for the Augusta and Flynn yard masters to perform their tasks. (I'll not do that again).
    Anyway here are a few shots of just a few of the lads working the RR.

This view is looking to the right as you walk into the RR. J.Fahey is in the background working Guthrie with Brendan working Flynn on the right. There is no room light in the RR only cool white Fluro's over the tracks behind the fascia.
Looking towards Augusta over the dispatchers panel. Dennis on the left then Rob, little John and Paul. Little John works Augusta most sessions and is really getting the hang of it.
Still at Augusta. Hmm which switch do I throw next? With Ron peering over Rob's shoulder.
Noel working the Winfield / Guthrie / Winfield Cement train arriving back at Winfield. This train can take the whole session as it has no priority at all and sometimes can sit for what my seem hours if the dispatcher is busy. That's Udall behind Noel.
     So another good operating session has been run with lots of trains and good humour to fill the night.
Thanks to all the crew and thanks for stopping by the SFRSD blog.

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  1. Hi Rod.

    It was a very enjoyable session, as usual. Thanks for the invitation.