Back at it again

More loco painting
    I have commenced painting three more locomotives for Graham to add to his Mexican RR. These will be painted in the FNM scheme again however the first, a B23-7 is to have the NdeM logo instead of the normal FNM.
   We are trying a new paint, to me anyway, since Graham could not find a suitable colour in the old range and we wanted to get away from mixing our own. The brand is AQUEOUS Hobby Colour a water based paint with a gloss finish. The water based paint appeals to me for safety reasons and the gloss finish saves a step or two in allowing decals to go straight on once dry. Another point is that with the recent hot spell of weather we had a couple of weeks ago, the paint dries really fast so it allows me to apply the masking and do the second colour quite quickly. The two colours Graham chose very closely match the prototype.  Light Blue for the stripe and bright blue for the top colour.
    I mixed the paint with some alcohol and applied some very light coats just building it up a bit at a time over a base of Tamiya Gray Surface primer.
    I did the walkways and hand rails with Humbrol Matt orange #82 on all three at the one time like I do with the loco body shells.
   I have started to apply the decals on the B23-7. So far I have almost completed one side of the body and completed both sides of the cab.

  This is the engineers side of the B23-7 as it sits today.

I took these images with my good ladies small camera using my new light box that arrived early last week.

     It's been a few days since I worked on these so back into it today for a while.

Thanks for dropping by.

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