Just a bit of weathering

More Mexican Locos get dusted up.
    Last week I handed four more painted, decaled and weathered locos back to Graham for his KCS Mexican RR.
    He has lots of locos on his RR many still way too clean to fit into his area that he is modeling so I asked if he would be happy for me to attack a few more locos.
   When he arrived here on Friday for on of our regular Friday round robin get together he brought along four more locos to be weathered.
    Two SD40-2's one in FNM and the other a loco that had been purchased from BC Rail by the FNM and was still in the original scheme except for the change in logo. The third was an Alco C420 in FNM scheme with the fourth a TFM Geep.
    As the weather was perfect for spraying over the weekend I set about dirtying them up a bit.

First off the SD40-2 FNM loco
  I first sprayed the shell with a mix of Golden Titan Buff and Vallejo Thinners to dull it down to a faded look that is so typical in Mexico. Then a light wash of oil paints and a dab with a cotton bud on the cab and top of the unit to simulate light rust.

The ex BC Rail SD40-2 snoot received the same treatment

I also used my newly discovered Tamiya Panel Line accent colour in the grills and fans. On a few I used the same around the doors along the side and on top of the body to accentuate the panel lines.
   I am yet to complete the Alco so might save that for another post.
These are fun projects for me and add a few more completed locos onto Grahams RR.

That's all for this post. Thanks for stopping by.

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