Not much happening part 2

More construction equipment
     It hasn't been that good weather wise over the past month so I have taken advantage of sitting at our kitchen table assembling more equipment to add to my future construction site on the SFRSD.
     The latest piece is a vehicle that Vic gave me quite a while back. It is one with his etched brass cab, brass chassis along with many added details, like etched grill and bumper, rear mud flaps, tube exhaust pipe and mufflers and safety board behind the cab. It is also fitted with wheels of time wheels and Vics etched side mirrors and sun visor.
     To start painting it I had to strip it completely and once that was done I gave all of the brass bits except the cab a spray of Tamiya Primer Grey followed by Tamiya Bright Orange the same as all the other construction pieces. So paint on the wheels, turntable and back board with Italeri Metal. Flat Steel paint and a wash of panel line paint and that was finished. Oh I forgot the Pan Pastels grey on the tyres.
     At the same time I completed a GHQ grader and still working on a GHQ drag crawler crane.
     An old Atlas LN9000 has also had some treatment to add to the collection. A bit more work needs to be done on the crane and then I will be ready to prepare the area on the RR to accept all of this stuff.
     Here are a few pics of the progress thus far.

     Well that's about it for this post so thanks again for stopping by.

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