Not much happening

New Construction vehicle

    As mentioned in one of my last posts (too long ago) I am intending to have a small construction company positioned at the East end of Augusta.
    The latest addition is a GHQ scraper. This kit can be a bit tricky as there are a few parts that need to be fitted all at the same time to ensure it fits and look correct.
     Anyway I finally got it completed after several weeks of not doing anything.
     The usual spray of grey surface primer followed by a spray of Tamiya Brilliant Orange followed by a wash of Tamiya panel line paint and its done. I did use some Pan Pastels grey on the flat black painted tyres after firstly giving them a coat of Polyscale MUD to make them look like they had done some work.

    This unit should fill a nice spot in the construction company's yard once the other equipment is completed.

That's all for today.


  1. Nice work Rod! I sometimes wonder how you manage to work in N scale, I find it hard enough doing details on HO sometimes so I admire your patience. On a side note where did you get your Tamiya Panel Line from?
    It looks like a very effective method of highlighting the lines and giving that just used look, instead of the brand new, shiny plastic one. Jas...

  2. Hi Jason.
    Yep it's a wonder I still have some hair. The Panel line paint is available at metro Hobbies. They also own the store on the second floor in Swanson Street just up from Flinders Street. It does a great job and would probably work better on HO. It comes in Brown, Dark Brown and Black. Just make sure you stir it before using and get all of the sediment off the small brush. Ask me how I know LOL.