Starting on the construction company site

Started ground work
     The weather was kinder on Sunday afternoon and yesterday was one out of the box so out to the SFRSD RR to get some work done.
     On Sunday I scraped back some of the old Woodland scenic ground cover and applied a coating of "large cracks poly filler" to the area where the company is to be sited. That dried overnight quite nicely so a quick scrape to remove a few small lumps and a fresh coat was applied yesterday before lunch.
    While that was drying I decided that I needed to weather a few more cars on the roster. So I picked up two of my old Bachmann hoppers, a new BLMA hopper and a two bay Burlington Northern hopper that I purchased at a friends sale. I purchased this knowing it was going to receive some sort of treatment.
     This is how the two bay looked before being attacked.

My apologies for it being slightly out of focus
     I decided that the Burlington logo was to receive a spray of flat white whilst at the same time protecting the reporting number (until I come up with another idea). Once that was completed I then sprayed the whole car with a mixture of flat white, a very small amount of brown and a lot of thinners.
    Once all this was dry the whole car was given a light wash of Van Dyke Brown oil paint. I have not dull coated the car yet so it might look a bit shinny.
    And the result.

     As you can see I need to give the underside some weathering, paint the trucks, wheels and couplers but it's getting there.
     I did these as well.

Some masking before spraying to give the effect of a body repair.

And Ditto.
     And to top off the day I applied the first layer of powdered stone dust to the construction company site.

A mix of powdered stone dust and what we call Lilydale toppings was sieved on using an old brass tea strainer.
     The mix dried nice and light overnight so in the days ahead I should be able to make some more progress with the surrounding ground cover.

Thanks again for dropping by.


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