Not much happening Part 3

All construction vehicles are now built.
     Well last week I finally got to complete all bar one of my construction vehicles that I intend to put into a construction company yard at the East end of Augusta.
     This has been a drawn out process due to having a cold for almost 4 months and building a new extension to our Budgerigar aviary during our winter season here in Melbourne.
     Spring is now well underway and so as the temperature begins to rise I feel more inclined to venture out into the SFRSD room and get some additional scenery completed.
     The first task will be to construct the company construction site by clearing away the old ground cover that was laid down many years ago. Then prepare the site to add all the bits to hopefully have it look presentable.
     So I hope to take some in progress shots over the coming weeks as I would like to have this completed before the 25th of October which will be the SFRSD 20th birthday.
     The past two years I have held a day ops session stopping for pizza for dinner then allowing the guys to put one of their favorite trains on the RR for a run and some photo run buys.
     Anyway before all this gets underway here are a couple of quick snaps of the gear that is going to be installed. There is some equipment already sitting in the RR room that I have shown on previous posts. the Low Loader, side lifting crane and the crawler bucket crane.

     They don't look that good in the plastic containers so I hope they look better by the time they are on the RR.
     Before I log out today I did add some new rolling stock to the SFRSD last Friday before my monthly ops session. I had in my draw a Pacific Western CN hopper that was from their Mystery car range I bid on and won at an N Scale Collectors auction many years ago. As I paid way too much for the car and (thank you Intermountain for re-releasing and dropping its value) I decided it should be on the RR. I also picked up 3 BLMA ATSF hoppers at a good price from M.B.Klein. Picks next time.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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