New bits

Work continues on the new bits

     The time of year that the extension was started can be very hot in Melbourne, however when it is in the mid twenties it is good modeling weather. So while this weather was so good it was good to keep up the momentum and get as much work on the new bits and get them completed ready to get the gang over for an ops session.

Road bed installed at Augusta East
This is the new grain elevator complex at the L/H end of Guthrie

The small Dolese sand and gravel siding in front of the elevator.
The new Guthrie station with Guthrie feed in the background
A BLMA bridge sits nicely on the new track between Perry and Guthrie. This is only 6 inches wide.
     The next post should include the buildings at Augusta East if I can find them.
That's it for today. Thanks again for stopping by.

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