Augusta upgrade

     I was forever wondering how to scratch build the station at Augusta. I had the photos that were taken during our road trip but it looked like a lot of work so it was put on the back burner. To my surprise Walthers came out with the station kit, with the station and freight house and a stand alone freight house. Boy was I a happy man as these kits would do a very credible job of replicating the Augusta station that I was looking at building. The order went out and the kits arrived. I chose to build the station with a freight house on each end as is the prototype so a bit of kit bashing needed to be done on the left hand end of the station building and to the freight house. I painted the brickwork brick red, let that dry and then applied a wash of very light grey for the mortar lines. A light green for the roof tiles along with a dab of weathering. The concrete areas around the widows and doors of the walls were brush painted with Polly Scale aged concrete.

This is the main Augusta yard with the station at the back and the interchange tracks at the front. You can just make out the loco servicing area way off to the left. This yard is 14 feet long and handles a lot of traffic during an operating session.

The grain elevator is located at the Right hand end of Augusta and is served by a small side track. The grain elevator shed on the left was made by Ron one of my good mates. This is one of two locomotive servicing facilities the other is at Flynn.

The two small farm houses are from Model Power painted and weathered. The subway was made by Vic. This sits between Augusta and Udall.
5192 SD40-2 repaint heading to Augusta after just passing behind the elevators at Udall.

That's it for today.

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