Augusta East Scenery

 Augusta East

     When I was working on the track plan for Augusta East I wanted to include some industries that would help link others through out the railroad. Scrap metal was one and a small fuel distributor was another. This would allow me to have a crew member operate this area and allow the movement of cars between other industries from various locations.
     I also needed some storage tracks for my directors special coaches which run only occasionally depending on the number of operators on the night at operating sessions.
     The Augusta East Scrap is scratch built to fit against the wall and help camouflage the hole in the wall that leads to the Augusta main yards. The crane is from GHQ with the black tractor and trailer being a scratch built and kit bash done by my good friend Vic. The chassis on both are brass etched.


     The idea for the Phillips 66 building was taken from an image of a distributor we saw in the town of Guthrie when 4 of us did a trip following the Santa Fe from Milwaukee to Oklahoma back in 2000.
     This trip was a once in a lifetime event pity I didn't do it before I started the layout as some of the industries and buildings would have been different.

I downloaded the Phillips 66 sign from Flicker and printed it to a good quality copy paper about 190 GSM if I recall.


     Well that just about does it for today so until the next post thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I really like that bulk oil dealership, Rod. I have photos of a similar industry at Slaton, Tx. that I will use to model an oil dealership at (my) Davis.