Back to the railroad

Lets get back to the Railroad

     After all that has happened over the past three weeks it's time to get back to the story of building my Santa Fe Railroad.
     I know I am going backwards here a bit however I wanted to show how the extra room that was made possible by completing the extension has been a god send. Much more room for all of the crew to move around in along with the additional space created between Hackney and Flynn that prior to had been a bit of a bottle neck to get through.
     As I was working on the return loop to enter the new town of Guthrie I planned to make the roadbed for the new link between Perry (the old location of Guthrie) much  narrower. To achieve this I offset the end loop into Guthrie by a fair margin and using a cardboard template of the track radius I wanted really helped. You can see this in the image below. The new L Girder bench-work from Perry was made only 6 inches wide, plenty wide enough for a single track and yet still plenty of space for scenery.

Here you can see the cardboard mock up at the end of the wall to get the offset that I wanted for Guthrie and allow for a wider space behind Hackney

You can see in the three images above that progress is well underway with the bench work and the degree of offset.

Here you can see the start of the bench work for Augusta East. I deliberately left the small wall in place to give a sense of distance from the main town and yards of Augusta.
Track down, valance installed and valance and ceiling painted.
Well that's it for today catch you soon.
Thanks for dropping by.

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