Heading to Flynn

Well let's head to Flynn

     These next images are of the track between Red Rock and Flynn.  Flynn is the last town (yard) on the SFRSD where all trains that arrive here are reclassified for the locals and return of empty grain hoppers back to Augusta.

This is the town of Guthrie, not too much here. Just the backdrop scenery.

A very bare Flynn
     I am not sure if you have noticed that the backdrops have just a hint of scenery painted. I did this long before I started to lay any track. It was a very simple way to get a lot done in a very short amount of time.
     My first job was to spray a very light mist of Liquitex white all around the lower half of the already painted blue backdrop. Keeping the air pressure very low in my airbrush I did not end up with too much over spray.
     For the next stage I tore a page of newspaper roughly in half and used masking tape at the top to stick it to the backdrop with the roughly torn edge just a few inches above where I wanted the scenery, then with my airbrush on a light air pressure airbrushed the distant hills in a blue almost the same as the sky with just a hint of green in the mix. By allowing the paper to flap a little I was able to achieve a softer edge thus eliminating a sharp line to these hills. A bit more of a darker green and a bit lower with the paper and the result turned out ok.

This image might show the process of painting my backdrop better than my description

      This just about completes the first pass of building my Santa Fe Railway Southern Division. These previous images have shown the bare bones of the RR, there is a lot more to follow and a bit more of the story of just how this RR got started.
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