Moving around the SFRSD

We'll keep moving around the SFRSD

     The next lot of images should take us along through the town of Winfield and on to Hackney.
These images were taken around 2001 and a lot more has been done since so we will get to that later.

We have just run past the Winfield depot and now passing the scratch-built Fitzpatrick Plastics plant

Around the left hand super-elevated curve heading to hackney

Vic built these abutments out of plaster. I painted and weathered them.

     Vic and I were working on laying the track here one evening and decided to add the bridge as the area looked very plain. So by 10.00pm that night the roadbed had been cut abutments and deck fitted and track installed.
SD45 Kodachrome rounding the curve into Hackney.  I kit-bashed the SD45 B unit
Passing the McFarlane Redi-Mix plant
     The McFarlane Redi Mix plant is scratch built using electrical conduit and lots of styrene. Vic etched the hand rails. The building is a slightly modified Micro Engineering kit.

Passing the scratch-built repair shop from photo's I took on a trip to Ransom Illinois.
Almost all of the elevator complex at Hackney is scratch-built, the bins are HO scale from Rix

I guess that's all for today, so thanks for stopping by again.

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