Back on the scenery trail

Back on the scenery trail

     I will keep moving in a clockwise direction with my scenery images so you can tell where the images are in relation to the track plan posted earlier.  So in the last post we had just gone behind the elevators at Udall.
     Now we will venture further along the track. There have been a lot of changes to the scenery since these were taken but I will keep those till later so you can tell the difference.

The SD40 -2 is just heading into the passing siding at Udall the Dash 8 is no longer on the roster.

I added the smoke deflectors and painted this GP35 from a prototype image.

Heading into Winfield lots more done since this was shot. I will show the changes later.

I appreciate the time you have taken to look at my posts so thanks for that.
Until the next post thanks

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