Version #1 track plan

So here is the track plan of the SFRSD version #1 as it turns out.

     Quite a lot of time went into deciding just what and how I could achieve in this new layout. Lots of pencil drawings of track plans for various towns, how would this fit here and how wide should I make this peninsular. I started with a sheet of graph paper (remember this was 1994) and that's all I had at that time. My good friend Ron and I labored over the yards the most ( Augusta and Flynn ) as I wanted to make them as close to what a prototype would do as I could and at the same time easy to work for my crew.
The layout room (shed ) is about 13 feet 6 inches x 19 feet 6 inches
      The duck-under was not in the first phase of the build and was a suggestion by many of my crew, so it just had to be built.
That's it for today.

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