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More buildings.
     Boy time flies when you are having fun. Cold a winter as we have had for a while so inside building is the best place if you want to stay warm.
     Looking through some Facebook sites I noticed a rather good looking mine. After searching around I was able to discover the name and who made a kit. It turns out it was made by Timberline back in the 1970's however as luck would have it I found an old kit on line and promptly had it added to their shopping cart. Boy was this an old kit, it still had 1970's air inside but it was exactly what I wanted.
    Here are some in-progress images.

Just testing out the fit.

     This mine is now complete however as the site where it is to be placed is under development it will be a while yet before its sitting in the layout.
     The next build that was started and is still under construction is another very old kit of the Burnt River Mine. This is of course in HO however I did build this same mine for my ON30 Lost Creek Layout a few years back. The instructions in this kit are not too good so a bit of license has been used in this build.
My ON30 version on the Lost Creek RR.
 A few in-progress shots below.

     Each piece of timber is pre-coloured using three colours of artists pens that is giving me close to the colour of timber used in Colorado. It is quite distinctive and quite different to what we see here in Australia.
     There has been more stuff completed however this will have to do for this update.
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