Way behind

 Its been a while.
     It has been a while since my last post however I have not been standing still.
     I get together with 5 other like minded mates every Friday and 7 weeks ago it was my turn to host the Friday Group. Instead of running trains I asked the guys if they would be happy to help me make a bunch of Pine trees for the new layout. Of course we would was the reply so we set to and made close to 120 trees shaped and painted ready for foliage to be added later by me.
    Two friends came back on the following Saturday to help make more and this is where the next seven weeks got turned upside down. Whist making a cuppa these two came up with an idea to add a peninsular to the track plan in a manner I had never thought of. Come off the town of Cimarron and make sure that there would be enough room for me and Helen to get in and out of my car without hitting the layout and with ease.Wow what a great idea.
    My good lady and my "fun and finance" minister agreed to the plan so out came the masking tape to see if it would fit with the radius needed for my Blackstone K27's.
    Yep it will fit.
    Several days later with planning done the wood work commenced, ME track, turnouts and Tortoise motors ordered and we were underway.
    Here are a few in progress shots during construction.

The original re-moveable duck under has been replaced by this new design that is now fixed in place.
L Girder construction and sub-roadbed being completed

Supports for the MDF backdrops in place. Cedar Creek on the right and Montrose on the left.

Almost ready for track.
      This new addition adds two new towns from Cimarron and a much longer run. The first is Cedar Creek which will be just one passing siding and one industry, a Tie Treatment Plant. Next is the town of Montrose with two new industries, Graden floor mill and  Montrose Lumber Company before you head once again to Poncha Junction.
     As of today all track is down, all wiring completed and a test train has run. Today I started to paint all the cross-ties.
     More images to follow on the next blog.
Thank you to all who stop by for a look and to my good friends who are always willing to jump in and help. This way it becomes a team effort for without them I would not have reached this excting new goal.

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  1. Looking good ! That will really add quite a bit to the layout.