More progress

Slowly getting there.

    Its still be cold down here so most of the work these past few weeks is taking place in the study / workroom. Having said that though there has been a few warmer days that let me get out into the train room to spray the roof of the roundhouse and install the roundhouse along with a few additional tracks. Inside I have completed the build of the Grand Central Gold Mining Co building so all is not lost.

Here is some progress images.

Tar paper roofing being applied.
Roof painted. To help simulate the tar paper I sprayed flat black along all of the joins then gave the whole roof a spray of Nato Black followed by a light spray of Vallejo earth colour.

    Quite happy with my progress these past few weeks and no I am assembling a group of 5 small buildings from the Banta Model Works RICO kit.
More next time. 

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