Working on the Railroad Pt 2

It's taking shape

     Big John and I went to little Johns on Tuesday to see if we could get some more work done on his RR. Plan was for big John to start and attach the wiring, me to continue on the scenery whilst the owner little John kept working on laying track for the new staging tracks at Newton. This is to the left of Flynn.
      A good amount of the wiring when the layout was dismantled was pre- planned where the cuts and plugs would go so this side should be relatively easy. Some of the turnout wires for Flynn were just taken out of the terminal blocks so these will need to be sorted out however John was able to get a lot done in the area between Flynn and Perry. The SE8C needs to be installed in this area before much more can be done. Whilst discussing this, the idea was put forward that all of the Circuit breakers, Digitrax stuff, BDLs along with the Tortoise motors power supply and general power packs could be installed so testing of each re-instated section of wiring could be tested.

     Here is John in the corner doing what he does best. Wiring of course.

     Just to digress a bit I went to Johns the day before so we could make sure that the new 15 stall roundhouse would fit it's new space. John had done a great job of ensuring that the pits fitted into the newly cut holes and allowed the roundhouse to be positioned very accurately in relation to to the new turntable. I needed to remove about 2 millimeters from one of the rear walls, cleaned up the mounting tabs on the base and then we gently installed both halves. Thankfully it fit like a glove so we decided to leave it off the layout so the tracks could be laid around it.
    John has already installed the mainline to the rear joining the staging to the old Flynn mainline however there are many more to add.

We will add the remainder of the roofs once John has laid all the tracks. That T/T is going to get some weathering also.

    I pushed on with the scenery at the old town of Guthrie's intersection with the main line.

The layout extensions and recommissioning is coming along nicely.
That's it for this post. Catch you next time.

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  1. Looks like you are all making huge progress Rod. Cannot wait to see the layout in its new home! Jas...