Another building for another RR

This time a wood kit for a HOn3 RR

     Peter is building a really nice HOn3 layout in a purpose built building based on the narrow gauge lines of the Rio Grand.
     His scenery is impressive to say the least along with his attention to detail so when he asked if I would assemble a kit for him I must admit I was a little surprised and honored at the same time.
     The kit is a Commercial Coal House manufactured by Crystal River Products with a LOT of individual pieces of strip-wood.
     The instructions are numerous and at first glance this kit looked a bit onerous. Several looks through the list of tasks and I started to understand what was needed.
     First stain all the wood different colours so it looks natural. This is did using 4 colours from my Vallejo air brush paints in a mix of alcohol making sure that I kept each bundle together so each section did not get mixed. Remember there is a LOT of sticks.
    That done and with the sticks dry it was time to work out how the jigs went together. These are very well made and allow for ease of assembly one for each wall once mastered.

    So to cut a long story short here are the pics from this build.

The rear wall

Rear wall with doors installed

Front wall in process

Front wall complete with doors and sliding door track

Side walls

Walls added and flooring installed

Floor joists installed. Lots of these!

Waiting for the roof

Then I'll add the sub base for implanting into the layout

     Another couple of sessions should see this completed and ready for Peter to install it into the scenery at Warren on the LosPinos & Toltec RR

Until my next post happy modeling.

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