Another Building Part 2

Lots of sticks

     This kit is coming along quite well considering the number of sticks. I was surprised how well all 4 walls came together. The next step was to add the floor.
     The floor went easily and so after letting that dry for a day or two I started to add the roof.
     Well the roof material is not pre cut like most all of the other sections however the kit maker provides a location in one of the jigs that gives you the dimensions, this does make it a lot easier. I was planning on using my "The Chopper" but since the move I could not find the dam thing anywhere.
     As the wood was so thin ( a scale 1 x 12 inches) I was able to cut several pieces at a time and that helped speed up the process.
     Instead of writing heaps more lets move straight onto some pics.

Floor added.

Thousands of floor joists (well not exactly a thousand)

Roof on

     These pics show how the completed bin sits on a base. The two outside rails are glued in position and left to dry. Locating guides are glued to the underside and once dry the piece with the hole is just loosely added. The whole lot is then tipped to the right way up and then you mark where the plugs fit. A dab of glue to hold them in place during a trial fit and then left to dry.

    Now the bin can be lifted from the base scenery added and then it is put back in exactly the same position, very neat.

    This has been an interesting kit to put together, good jigs and a good set of instructions that need to be read several times before commencing the build.
    Now all that is left is for Peter to add it to his Railroad.
    Oh and I found my Chopper, right after completing all the cuts to the roof timbers. That figures.  
That's it for today.


  1. Wow Rod, that is quite a project. Like building an actual building with all the framing only smaller.

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