More on this BIG roundhouse

More painting and preparation done.

    I have steadily been painting the window frames for this roundhouse and decided to paint the insides also. I have been using Modelflex Tuscan brown which looks  a good match for the trim on the AT&SF photos that we have been using for reference. I have deliberately left the centre window frames in grey ( after spraying them with a dull flat grey from a Tamiya Rattle can) as this is how they look in the pics also.
    I think they all look okay.
    The next step was to install the kit supplied window glass. I used the kit stuff on all of the rear wall sections however raided my wife's scrap-booking supplies and found to my surprise a self adhesive very thin sheet of clear plastic. Wow how cool is this stuff for windows. I carefully cut out the size for all of the side wall windows and just placed it in position and with a small amount of pressure voila it stuck firm. Very happy as you cannot see and edges to the glass like the kit supplied would look like. It hard to see it in my ordinary pics below but it does look good.
    Some more weathering to the outside of the two side walls plus some clear green and old white paint applied to make it look like some small panes of glass have been broken and replaced with a substitute.
   Next step is to start to add the side and rear walls and trusses so that should be fun.

Some pics below for reference.

Lots of sub assemblies sitting ready.
I would like to get this completed before Christmas so we'll see.


  1. That is quite a project you are working on Rod, looks really good !

    I would think the only issue with the self adhesive plastic sheet is that dust might stick to the exposed parts once the model is on the layout.

  2. Hi Brad.
    I cut it to fit the window frames as the Walthers widows would have fit. Dust might gather though in between each window frame. Hmmm dust from old steamers maybe. John does have air conditioning in the room so hopefully not too much dust around.
    Didn't think about that.