Lots more done

Assembly well underway

    I spent a few solid days getting the very BIG roundhouse almost completely assembled so I could move it off the kitchen table and over to Johns for final assembly.
    Fitting the front doors and door frames was not as daunting as first thought just needed to ensure that none of the liquid solvent got into the door pivot pins in the floor and top of the door frame.
    I also sprayed the outside of all roof sections with flat black and underneath surface primer grey and then a dusting of Racing White like the walls.
    Once these had dried I attached the chimneys and smoke deflectors outside and inside the rear roof sections. I then glued all of the center sections of the roof in place on both sections of the model to help stiffen it up for ease of moving it to Johns house.
    And this is how both sections look just before they were taken to Johns on Saturday afternoon.        Final assembly by joining the two halves will be done once the pit holes are machined in the layout sub-roadbed so the roundhouse will sit flat into it.

A couple of pics

    Next is the full assembly once the above mentioned ground work is completed. A big build in many ways so hopefully it looks okay once completed.

Until the next project.

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