A Bit more progress

More painting of the Roundhouse.

    This is a very BIG roundhouse, so much to paint and detail so I had better get it right.
    Over the past few weeks I have been working on the interior and exterior of the walls along with painting and weathering all 13 trusses.
    As we are still renting it has been difficult to paint these items so when the spring sun came out for once a few weekends ago I took advantage of it and spray bombed the lot outside in the sun.
    A few coats of Tamiya Racing Car White ( its more of a light cream and the colour I was looking for) on the trusses and a few light passes of Tamiya Dark Red for all of the walls. These flashed of very quickly so I was able to get to work of dirtying up the trusses.
    As these are made to represent timber trusses I used the dry brush method and a variety of dark brown and light brown applied sparingly to just give them an aged look. They then received a spray of dullcote to flatten them down.
    The interior walls were next. Once these were dry I returned to my trusty bottle of Golden, Acrylic Titan Buff. This was kinda dry brushed all over the interior walls trying to keep the mortar lines free of any excess paint (the bricks in this kit are very small). This took two coats to get the colour I wanted.
     I am using these colours because the Santa Fe used to paint the interior of many of their roundhouse walls with a cream paint mixed on-site from powder.
    Next up was to apply vary sparingly a mix of Tamiya Panel line black and brown into the mortar lines. Hmmm that was somewhat painful and there is more to go. I also dry brushed some brown over the interior walls to get them a bit grubby followed by a bit of Pan Pastel, Brown, Grey and Black powders over the outside brickwork. 
    A fine brush to paint the concrete base flat grey on the lower portion of all the walls and the base of the windows and these are all about ready to fit into place.

     Windows, doors and roof to prepare then assembly.
Thanks for dropping by. Until next time.

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