More Weathering for Graham

Grahams latest Mexican Locos
   As you have probably gathered I enjoy weathering. Most of my Loco's and rolling stock are done so I enjoy being able to help out my mates if they'll let me.
   Graham is a busy guy at the best of times and so he lets me grunge up his Locos for his RR. I've shown a few in the past so today here are the latest three to be sent to Mexico.
   In the not too distant future I hope to be able to show some of these babies on the RR.

The first is an SD60 in KCS colours

I didn't want to overdo this loco so I just added a very small amount of panel line black paint to all of the door latches, along the roof line and the grills before giving the whole loco a spray of fade. A mist of mud on the side to follow the prototype image and that was about it.

An Alco C628

I did a bit more work to this after this picture was taken. It looked too clean on the side sill compared to the prototype I was following so I just blackened it up a bit along the top edge with some black oil paint dabbed on with a tooth pick and cotton bud.

and last but not least a B23-7

This loco only received a spray to fade it down with a small amount of panel line detail added.  I did add a small amount of rust wash around the springs of the trucks.
     One thing I have found is that Tamiya Nato Black is a very good substitute for weathered black. I used it on the trucks and fuel tanks on all three locos and it looks very good. When I was fading the locos I allowed the spray to just kiss the trucks after painting with the Nato Black and it made them stand out nicely. A touch of black wash around the journals and the job was done.
    Now I have another three to paint KCS grey and give those a touch of weathering.
Until the next post thanks for stopping by.


  1. Looks awesome Rod! If you were closer, I would send some of my stuff your way.

  2. Thanks lads. Steven If you lived closer I would be happy to oblige.