Visitor from the USA

Following the N Scale Convention.
    I was unable to attend the 14th National N Scale convention held in Brisbane the weekend following Easter which was a little disappointing as it is the first I have missed since they commenced in Sydney in 1989. I knew that a few modellers from North America where coming over to attend one being Gordon Bliss from Houston. Gordon and I have been emailing one another for a few months following pictures of our two layouts being placed in N Scale Railroading in the same month publication.
    So I suggested that Gordon should see if he could get some extra time to come visit us in Melbourne during his time in Australia and get to see some more N Scale Layouts.
    Well that didn't take too much persuading so after attending the convention meeting Mal and a few other modelers in Canberra Gordon arrived in Melbourne on Friday afternoon.
    I switched with one of our regular Friday round robin guys so they could all come to the SFRSD during our normal get togethers. Morning tea, lunch, watch videos (train stuff of course) and then run trains on the RR pretty much in that order.
   Gordon arrived at about 4.15pm and met the guys. A quick dinner of pizza and then Ron and Greg arrived to start a small ops session to get Gordon into the mood.
  Here is just a few shots of the night on the SFRSD with a few of the guys and a foreign dignitary running some trains.

Here's Gordon in charge of the Fly / Aug Grain
Greg acted as dispatcher for a while

Peters first night session (Peter is one of our Friday group)
John working Flynn
Bill enjoying the night
Ron concentrating as he cleans wheels on a loco for me.
Gordon switching at Augusta with John
A couple of happy Santa Fe Modelers.
    That was day one.
    On Saturday morning I picked Gordon up from his motel as we were headed to Brendan's D&H RR for its last run and so stopped in to see the Boise City sub of Johns on the way. More to come on the next post.
Thanks for stopping by.

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