Last night ops session

Before the guys came.
    I haven't posted many images of the SFRSD for a while so before the crew arrived last night for my last Friday of the month operating session I decided to walk around the RR with my phone camera and take a few pics. I had to use my phone camera as my trusty Canon lens on my EOS650D has failed and I'm not too happy about it.
   Anyway here are a few that I thought you might find of interest.
   I have no room lighting only the fluros behind the valance so it can make for some dark spots here and there and as the ceiling which is a bit on the low side is painted flat black like the valance, fascia and the wall below the layout can make photographing the RR a bit tricky so here goes.

This is Augusta taken from just inside the entry door
This is Ponca City on the left with Red Rock on the right. Not a good shot.
A bit better view of Ponca
Red Rock has the longest passing siding on the RR. Once given clearance by the dispatcher to switch, ( at any town) the crew can throw all of the turnouts on the local panels independently of the dispatcher. He can see what is happening on his display. We are now also using two way Walkie talkie radios to communicate with the train crew. This has helped keep the dispatcher in the loop and trains moving. Once the trains start to flow you can hardly hear any noise from the guys as they concentrate on the job at hand.
A view of Perry
Left hand end of Guthrie

And the right hand end.
and loco's in the service facility at Flynn ready to go to work.
     I only had eight crew last night including myself with a few of the regulars tripping off interstate to attend an exhibition and others working however we had another fun night. I ran a couple of trains instead of being the dispatcher and had a great time.
    Greg did a great job as dispatcher although I think he gave me a few more red signals than was required just to show he was in charge.
    Ron took some videos of my directors special around the Red Rock area so they should pop up soon.
    Thanks for coming over again guys it was a fun night.
That's it until the next post and remember to have fun.


  1. Nice set of pictures, Rod. I'm really impressed with the quality of photos, and particularly the depth of field that we're getting with our little phone-cameras.

    I still have to get the videos up.


  2. Looks great! Thanks for sharing the photos of the layout.

  3. There's nothing wrong with those shots Rod! You have beautiful layout, thanks for sharing.

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  5. Awesome photos Rod. Thanks for sharing.