Next BDL install

The turnout block detection
     Currently all of the turnouts on the SFRSD are included in the mainline detected blocks through each of the towns excluding the arrival turnouts at Augusta and Flynn.
     This was done for expediency as we wanted to get the panel up and running for the N Scale convention now over 18 months ago. In fact it is two years ago this month that all of the detection work was being carried out to get to the first phase of ABS.
     This worked very well however in some instances it is difficult for the dispatcher to see exactly where the train is stopped as the main line and turnouts all show red. The train might very well be stationary at the signal but the dispatcher cannot see that on the panel.
     After discussing with the panel pro master along with the wiring crew it was agreed that this could be an easy fix. There are several open connections on the BDL that serves Guthrie that can be hooked up without any outlaying of funds and only one more BDL would be required to complete Red Rock, Ponca City, Hackney, Winfield and Udall.
      So after my fun and finance minister approved a grant for a new BDL off went the order.
     The BDL arrived a week or so ago and so I asked a good friend John C if he would be willing to wire up the 4th BDL. John had done the first 3 so it was good to have them all wired the same. The BDL was wired and delivered on Saturday so I set to and mounted it under the peninsular where the towns of Ponca City and Hackney reside, this afternoon. This also allows me to continue the loco net cable from the last SE8C that also resides at this location. This is the only BDL mounted so far away from the On Guard Circuit Breakers and done for a reason. It will only require the power and earth cables to be run and not each block wire as was done with the other three. Another lesson learnt.

     So here is the fourth BDL168 #10 ready for the power, earth and block wires to be installed.

    We all learnt many years ago that there are terminal blocks and there are terminal blocks. The ones we used are from Altronics and are by far the best we have come across. They have a metal strip below the clamping screw so you get a much better outcome with the wire being held nice and firm and not coming loose as the standard screw only blocks.
   Who said DCC only need 2 wires LOL
So once the lads are free to help we can get underway.
Thanks for taking the time to drop by.

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  1. They are a work of art when wired up Rod. Will be interesting to see how you go about it as I just have a couple of my own to wire up too.
    If you need a hand with the wiring yell out, I'd be glad to help out.