Construction equipment

Building Construction equipment has been ongoing

     It's been very cold here in Melbourne the past weeks so I have commandeered one half of our kitchen table to sit at whilst building these GHQ models. My wife is quite ok with it so that make a huge difference.
     The GHQ bulldozer is now complete as too the Freightliner cab over tractor unit. I also withdrew an older build of a bulldozer and gave it a hit with weathering wash. The Freightliner went through several stages however I am still a little disappointed that I did not completely remove the flash line across the side of the cab so the 3 foot rule will have to come into play with this one.
     I gave both (in fact all of these units will receive it ) a spray of Tamiya grey surface primer before they received a coat of Tamiya Bright Orange. Once dry I used the Tamiya panel line black wash to go around the doors on the cab over and around the engine of the bulldozer. A wash then followed of panel line brown that then settled the look down very nicely. Oh a coat of dull coat was applied between each process. The cab over then got the interior painted and the wipers, roof lights, grill and bumpers all scraped of paint to reveal the silver of the pewter. The horns were attached. I also added some Micro krystal clear to form the windows. A touch of panel line black for the grill and some Pan Pastel over the flat black on the tyres and the job was done.
    The bulldozer got almost as much work of weathering with a bit of extra work on the tracks.
    Vic gave me the flat bed trailer and several pieces of crane jig and as these are going to be a part of the construction company they have received pretty much the same treatment.

And this is how they look thus far.

More construction vehicles are planned with several forklift trucks already under construction so hopefully they will turn out ok.
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