Tuesday Night Club outing

It was Barrys turn this Tuesday.

     Tuesday night saw a group of old Melb N Trak club members (well not that old ) head off for a night of running some trains and taking a look at all of the updates that Barry has made to the old Thompson River Canyon Layout. Barry purchased the layout from Vic and myself some years back after Vic and I decided to call it quits on displaying the layout at exhibitions. Whilst we had a lot of great help from many of our mates it was getting harder to arrange the movement and set up.
    Barry has been a member of Melb N Trak for some time and once he heard TRC was up for sale I sort of suspect he could not hold back. Barry was still moving into his new home so it was a while before he could get it into his allocated area into a single car garage that is under the house roof line.
   It wasn't long before plans were drawn up to allow for as much of the display RR to be used. Barry has done a great job of implementing his new track plan and at the same time keeping some of the much loved portions of the former TRC.

Vic made the cross bucks and boom gates.
Vic also made the signal gantry.
I scratch built the snow/ rock slide sheds that are seen along the Thompson River.
A custom painted Dash 9 passing beneath a snow / rock shed.
 The Edson Sub as the RR is now known is looking fantastic. Barry is about to start making car cards and adding way bills similar to those we use on the rest of the groups RR's. This should make for a lot of fun as we start to operate the re-born TRC in its new home. That is something to look forward to.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hi Rod,

    Thanks for the update on the Thompson River Canyon layout. It has been one of my favorites on Youtube and I had wondered what had happened to it. Glad to hear that it's still active.

  2. Hi Brad.
    Thanks it is great to see the TRC still around. Vic and I along with those mates that are much better at sorting out wiring that helped on the TRC look forward to seeing it each time we visit Barry.
    You have been a bit quiet of late.