Rigging complete

Finally added the rigging
    Well it's been a while however I finally got around to rigging the cables on the side boom crawler today. I had a good reason as it's been raining all day and last night too. We needed it here so nobody's complaining.
     The thread that comes in the kit is quite fine and fairly lint free so I chose to use it. Only issue is that none of the pulleys have the holes in which to thread the cable to have it look anywhere reasonable. So with my optivisor on, good room light and desk light all switched on I set to to drill out all of the pulleys. These came out fairly well so the next task was to thread the cable. This went better than I thought so I was well on the way. I wanted the cable to look taught so as I super-glued the cable to each pulley I applied some tension to the cable by laying one of my weights on the cable.  
     The boom was first and it came out pretty good. Today I did the hook and cable and again put some weight on the hook as it was drying.

I did a bit of dry brushing on the edges of the unit to make it look like it has been put to good use.

    Well that is another item waiting to be installed. It should make a nice scene on the SFRSD once installed with some other detail parts.

Thanks for dropping by.

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