April Operating Session

Friday night the 25th May Ops session

   I have an operating session on the SFRSD with most of my mates attending the last Friday of every month. This can range from about 8 to most of the time 12 of us.
   Last Friday we only had 9 to operate which as it turned out worked well. I sat at the dispatchers panel for the night and worked my butt off, one does not realise just how busy it gets once the timetable starts when every signal and turnout on the main needs attention.
   Action started at about 7.45pm after we firstly installed a new Tam Valley combined circuit breaker and booster for Augusta. Over the past few weeks we noticed that the Augusta yard would shut down and found that as more locos arrived this seemed to be the cause. Brendan suggested that this CB could solve the issue. Once connected Augusta behaved perfectly all night.
   Most Friday ops sessions we have struggled to get all the way through however this was not the case last Friday as the Timetable was completed in good time.
   We stopped for "beans" at 9.00pm about half way through and wound up at about 10.45pm with all trains plus one extra from Augusta to Winfield and return completed and of course we just had to run the Directors Special pulled by the new E8.
   As a side the picture of the E8 on the SFRSD is in "Great shots" in the May /June N Scale Railroading along with some from Gordon Bliss with thanks to Kirk.
Here is #85 arriving from Augusta East ready to take on the VIP's for the trip across the system.

Two GP60 B units sit at Augusta waiting to be put into service

    The RR operated very well with only a few glitches to be looked at before the next session.
    A great night was had by all the crew so bring on the next session.
Thank you for stopping by.

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