GP60 M update

Adding sound to my FVM GP60M
     Once I had cut away the fuel tank casting area to allow for the fitment of the speaker I gave my loco to John (one of the decoder installation guru's of our group) to finish off the installation of the Loksound decoder and speaker.
     In a couple of posts back I showed how much material I had to remove from the fuel tank area so below you can see the speaker installed. Unfortunately I do not have an image of the decoder sitting in it's place in the chassis.

Note the 10 thou styrene under the speaker it seems to help to produce more sound

A better side on view. You can also see I have weathered the side intake grills, it really makes them stand out.

     Unfortunately there is not enough space to fit the speaker into a speaker box like others have been able to do on some other N Scale models.
     I need to add some double sided sticky tape to hold the fuel tank cover in place, the clips do not have anywhere to grip now that so much material has been removed.
     I also needed to adjust the notching as this did not seem to be working as it should under it's first test. Thanks to Loksound USA they put me on the right track to get it to notch once again. A bit more tweaking of the sound and some more light weathering and Loco 129 will be ready to take it's place on the SFRSD.
     A big thanks to Vince at Top Hobby for some helpful advice and to my good friend John for completing the installation.
 My GP60 B unit.
     I thought I would show my new GP60 B unit masked ready for its grills to be weathered probably tomorrow as the weather it tipped to be fine and about 22 degrees C. Ideal for spraying.

My masking tape of choice is Tamiya. It is easy to use and has a nice straight edge. I use 6 mm tape for the close areas and 18 mm for the broad cover.

I will use my airbrush with a mixture of flat black with a hint of rust added with lots of thinners.

     Have a happy new year everyone.

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