The extension continues

Lets keep moving on with the extension.

     John my friend for many years and fellow modeller helped with installing the studs and internal walls and then the new fluros.It was a good idea to install these before we did any more work on the L Girder and installing Flynn into its new home.

Flynn back onto a wall. It took about 15 minutes to get in it's right spot

Here the fascia and valance is installed and you can see a portion of the new Guthrie to the left.

This is the bench work for Augusta East
Just another shot of Augusta East with the entry door on the left.
Bench work done, track laid and valance added for Guthrie.
And the first operating session on the new SFRSD in February 2008 just 3 months after starting. This is my great operating crew. That's me front row left, my good wife took the photo while we all posed.
That's it for now catch you down the track.
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