Ponca City and Red Rock

Now we''ll head to Ponca City and Red Rock

     Parts of Ponca City are still not completed, there are two elevators McMurray Co-op to the left of town and Farmers Union to the right. Several industries are served by rail however the buildings for these are still to be made.

      All of the following images are from 2005.
The timber elevator and conveyer were scratch built
     For some reason I have no images for the McMurray Co-op Elevator probably as the rest of the area is not completed.
     Ponca can be a very busy spot during my monthly operating sessions so over the past two sessions I have modified my timetable to ease the congestion. Now I think my operators can breath a little easier knowing that it is not so stressful.
    Now around the bend to Red Rock.

The gas station was built from a kit supplied by Joe Warren thanks Joe it fits the scene just as I wanted

These two buildings, the general store and repair shop are also scratch built. There is an elevator at Red Rock but alas no images from 2005
The Southern Pacific SD45 is waiting for the Fln / Aug grain to clear the cantilever. The stick is showing the wrong colour that is because I only have the signals wired to show turnout position at this time. Not enough cash!

 That's about it for today so have fun and thanks for stopping by.

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