The new floor

And now for the new dust free concrete floor

     The new floor was laid by just two guys, the one who pushed the barrow all the way to the back yard from the agitator looked quite old but did a great job. I get these fellows as they do a dust free surface for me. This is done after the pre- finishing to obtain a good surface. Then after about 3 hours they come back and spread a fine layer of very fine stone dust all over and float it off with a steel trowel. Voila! no dust and it makes a huge difference to the cleanliness of my layout room.

     Before these guys came I had to drill countless number of holes in my pre existing floor to add tie bars to avoid the floors moving away or up and down from one another.

This is the view looking from the extension into the layout

Most of this old wall will go and what remains will be a part of a new backdrop for the new Guthrie.
     This was a very exciting time. It allowed me to not only expand the layout and extend the mainline, it allowed me to make some space for my crew to gather during operating sessions. All in all a great move.
More next time

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