SFRSD Expands

Expansion of the SFRSD

     In November of 2007 my Fun and Finance minister and I were sitting enjoying a cup of tea after breakfast one morning talking about our hobbies. Helen my wife of almost 47 years is into scrap booking and card making and was thinking about new machines she would like to purchase. Well one thing led to another and the subject of expanding my RR room for the SFRSD came up. If I agreed to save her Dublin Bay Roses climbing up the outside of the shed and it did not take up too much room in the back yard that I could go ahead.
     Well that was a big green board for me so the next work day I as up to the shed company to obtain a quote, come back home and rip out those dam prickly, I mean lovely roses.
     A few days passed the quote was accepted (well what do you reckon) and within a week or two the extension was in progress.
     While construction was taking place the pad and pencil was drawing the revised track plan to see what would work the best.

The cleared space in front of the shed is the size of the extension

The construction crew working in 37C temperatures
The cladding is on minus the window which was excluded from this wall to save the heat build up inside
I gained about 6ft 6inches in width to finish with a 20' x 20' space
     All of this took place over about a two week period and just before Christmas of 2007 so I was a very happy man. Please do not ask about the roses.
     Until next time have fun running a train.

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