Work in progress

Its coming along nicely.

      Lots more progress on the Unnamed RR . Prior to yesterday I had pre cut the cross braces and risers on which the sub-road bed would sit. I had also marked out last week, with the help of Big John, the track  alignment for the back left hand corner where on of the mines is to be situated.     
     Fortunately we had a brainstorming session and decided to eliminate the passing siding I had in my plan. This makes the run from the engine terminal / yard seem longer and eliminates several turnouts.
     This allowed me to mark out the profile I wanted for my sub-road bed and cut it ready for yesterdays working bee.

This is what we achieved yesterday.

      The lower front section is for a river and a small trestle bridge.
     Very happy with the progress to date.
 That's it for this post.

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