Thompson River Canyon

Looking back
    Last July I added some images of Thompson River Canyon a layout built by Vic and myself many years ago that now resides at Barry's house.
    I thought I would show some construction images I took way back so the quality may not be that good however it might show some of the techniques we used and what it looked like on display.
    So here goes.

This how we stacked the foam to start our mountains on one of the corner modules.
Here is all the frame work. We deliberately made the fascia 12 inches deep so we could recess all the panels.

More mountain material going in along with the start of the fascia

This is one of the three 4 foot modules with mountains now showing some  progress.
 To get the mountains to some shape we just hacked the foam with a small chisel and a Stanley knife following images we copied from a video of the area.

Another corner with  scenery underway.

All of the tunnels were lined and the portals scratch built following the prototype as closely as possible
As the modules needed to be transported we did not want to add plaster rocks it would be way too heavy. So we thought why not try tile grout. This was the start to see how it would look. Much to our surprise it turned out better than we had hoped.

Now dry before we added any stone dust.
A test run with my new PWRS special run CN hoppers by Deluxe.
Recessed panels made it safer for transporting

We protected the backdrop while adding the grout with cling wrap. Sure saved a lot of cursing.
Vic standing and John under the module adding droppers on one of the two front 6 foot modules.
CP GP30 holding at one Vics scratch built brass signals.

Two Dash 9's that I custom painted and decaled.
Two of the scratch built snow / rock slide sheds. The one above was made using styrene the one on the right was 3mm MDF covered with styrene sheet and scribed to represent marks left by concrete forms.
     Seeing these images again has brought back some great memories. Next post I will try to find my  images of the layout on display showing the light boxes and signage.
That's it for today.

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