Custom Painting Part 6

The last two locos.

     I wanted to get the last two Alcos decaled and weathered to be able to hand them back to Graham before Christmas.
     I did all of the usual things one needs to do when applying Micro Scale decals only this time I did wait until the decal had completely dried before applying the Solvaset. I was able to get more decals laid at the one time so that helped speed up the process. These orange stripes are very fragile and I have to admit that there is a couple of bloopers in a few spots. All wear and tear will be the story to Graham and I'm sure he will be okay with the results not to worry too much.
    Once the decals had been washed I then gave the body shells a good spray of Dull Cote as per my previous posts.
    I did not want to go too heavy with the weathering on these two C630's so each of the 4 I have done should look a little different once running on the KCS. I used the Black Tamyia Panel Line Accent Paint to add just a smidgin of colour to each panel line, around all of the flat panels and doors along the top and sides of the body of the locos with a very light wash on the walkways.
   The top grills of the loco got a wash of black whilst the side rear grills got a wash of the Panel Paint Brown. I then wet the area around the exhaust with the panel Black and then dabbed in some Pan Pastel Black to make the top look more like exhaust smoke stains.
   The trucks on these two received a brush coat of flat black and when dry I dusted them with some Pan Pastel grey and a small amount of rust to bring out some of the details.
   So that's the last of these four Alcos. It will be good to see them on the KCS when a few of us head there for a run tomorrow.
   Here's just a couple of shots as they sit with the body's yet to be added to the chassis.

That's it for another day so thanks again for stopping by.


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