Custom Painting Part 5

Next on the list was an Alco C424
     This is the second of four locos to weather for Graham. I decided to tackle the C424 just so I could do a different model. I used pretty much the same technique that I used on the last loco in my post Custom Painting Part 4.
    I had some issues with the decals moving on the last one as I applied the Solvaset so this time I made sure I waited until the decal had completely dried before applying it. I also added more of the striping before moving onto the next stage and this helped cut down the amount of time taken to apply all the decals and sped up the whole process.
   The trucks got a brush of flat black then a light dry brush of rust on the springs, brake cylinders and brake blocks.
   Here are a few of the images of the body of C424 with the windows fitted and the walkway added but not fitted to the chassis as Graham needs to add a decoder to this unit before it can earn its keep on his RR.

     Graham mentioned that when the first unit that received the weathering treatment was put on the tracks it has made the rest of his roster look too new, so I guess you know what that means more weathering to be done on the Kansas City Southern RR fleet. I'm up for it.

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