Weathered some more cars last week

Additional weathered cars hit the rails.

     I have long been a fan of making my rolling stock look the part. That said I do not add any details like a lot of modellers do rather I just weather them to take off the plastic look and make them look more the part of a working railroad which lets face it that is why the Santa Fe Railway Southern Division was built.
     I have done a lot of my older cars many years ago however after reading many post in various forums I decided to try using oil paints for a different look. Boy has this been a great choice. Much more control of how much and where the oil paint wash is applied. I am certainly no expert however I am happy with the results thus far.
     This is just a snap of a few completed this last week while the weather has been well lets say not the best.

This a very old Atlas car that I removed the roof walk, added MT 1030 trucks replaced the wheels with MT medium flange 33" wheels painted with Tamiya Red/brown. The couplers and pockets have been painted with Acrylic Raw Umber. The car was first airbrushed with a very diluted flat white followed by a spray of dullcote. Then several washes of Vandyke Brown oil paint, more dullcote and more washes. It hasn't turned out too bad.
An old Roundhouse car that received similar treatment to the car above.
again similar treatment, spray of diluted flat white, dull cote and oil washes. Same treatment to trucks and wheels sets.
That's it for a while. Thanks for stopping by.

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