The SFRSD gets full CTC

Last update to the dispatchers panels.

     Brendan kindly came over this morning to update the SFRSD dispatchers panels. We had previously been running under an ABS system knowing that as soon as Brendan had time to configure all of the software we would go to full CTC.
     There were a few things we needed to sort out about how the RR was to be controlled so after watching quite a few videos on the subject we were set in our minds about what we needed.
     On the 25th of September Brendan came over to set a few signal switches on the panel for testing. With the grateful assistance of John F and John C testing sorted out a few areas that needed to be tweaked. The signals at the Left hand end of Guthrie were playing up but that was about it.
     So the big day was today. Brendan arrived early this morning with his dad and proceeded to install all of the necessary software into the system.
     All worked very well and boy how cool to see the panel finished. It has taken just on thirteen months to get to this stage which is as planned.

This is the Left hand panel beginning with the town of Augusta. The signal switches along the bottom row are the new additions with Brendan having been able to have them operate in three positions which will give the dispatcher additional control
And the right hand panel with Flynn on the right.
And a full panel view.
       A huge thanks goes to Brendan for the countless hours he has spent putting this together. My close friends who have assisted in the wiring and testing plus a very huge thanks to the many folk who contribute to JMRI for without their dedication to this fantastic tool none of this would have ever happened.  
     Operating sessions will never be the same again.
Thanks for looking in.


  1. Nice job Rod and Brendan.


  2. Awesome job Rod! I really do want to meet Brendon! And I really want to see your layout and get the chance to operate on it. Jas...

  3. Looks great Rod and Brendan. Are you only using JMRI or do you have cats on that too? Frank Kenny in Los Angeles.

  4. Thanks for you nice comments lads.
    Frank, Brendan did all of this in JMRI without his knowledge of this software the SFRSD would not be operating with a dispatcher at all. His clinic at the 13th National N Scale Convention held here in Melbourne in April this year has helped a lot of N Scalers get into JMRI for themselves.