Weathering some Hoppers

Weathering Hoppers
     I have been a fan of weathering my Locomotives and rolling stock for some time however after viewing several new web pages I decided I wanted to try my hand at using oil paints.
    Two new hoppers were purchased at the last train show here in Melbourne as my first attempt at this medium.
    Based on these new weathering to me web sites four primary colours are used to get the overall effect of aging and rusting on roofs and along the sides of cars.
     Vandyke Brown,  Raw Sienna,  Burnt Sienna,  Burnt Umber all oil paint.
    To thin these I used odourless solvent (thinners) this made it acceptable to do most of the work in the study.
     The first step was to give the cars a spray of Dull Coat. This acts like a key for the next phase to have some key (grip).
     I also masked off the car number so my operating crew could read them during an ops session. So a quick very light wash of Vandyke Brown followed by another spray of Dull Coat, another wash another spray and so on. I painted the wheels with Tamiya Red /Brown and gave the couplers a coat of paint to get away from their shinny black finish.
     This is the process as I went through the steps.

A spray of Dull Coat with a dash of rust added to the mix.
Wash with Vandyke Brown and some streaking.
Another coat of Dull Coat, trucks couplers and wheels.
     Depending on the available light the cars look lighter in person. So two cars were completed with pleasing results well to me anyway.
I was happy with my results and will definitely weather more of my cars using this method.
So not much else happening on the SFRSD the past month so thanks again for stopping by.


  1. Hi Rod,

    that's a nice job. But instead of buying new cars, you're always welcome to come over and practice on mine. :-)


  2. Hi Rod,

    This looks great. I love your layout too!

    Frank Kenny
    Los Angeles

  3. Hi Frank
    Thanks I enjoy weathering and trying a few new ways is always fun.