The GM plant at Flynn

Renamed plant at Flynn
     I made the plant at Flynn quite a few years back long before the extension of the RR room using 12 mm thick MDF as a box on which to laminate the Evergreen Board and Batten siding. There are three boxes per-say with another for the roof portion that has the stacks fitted. All building have various coatings along their base to have each one slightly different to the next. I wanted it to be the GM plant that the SF served at Flynn however in the days I made the building I could not find a GM logo and as I had an abundance of Atlas LNT 9000 cab chassis to sit out front I just called it a Ford factory. That bugged me for years so mid way through this year I finally found a decent GM sign levered the Ford sign off and replaced it with the new GM logo.
     Needless to say the LNT9000's had to go so they are now scattered around the RR serving their keep hauling SF trailers to some worthy customer.
     This group of buildings measures approximately 42 inches overall and fit in well along the backdrop at Flynn. I put some of the Walther's roof top details on the roof along with other roof details from Greenmax (Japanese Kits).
     I choose not to run any auto racks as to me they being 89 feet long tend to make my layout mainline look shorter than it is so the plant only receives box car loads from Winfield and Ponca.

On two of the building I installed a concrete base wall with board and batten above to simulate colour bond cladding. On another section as seen above I used a portion of brick from Slaters an English product.
The stacks are made by using various diameters of thin wall brass tube
I made the roll up doors from Slaters corrugated siding. The down pipes are just a strip of square styrene to cover the joins in the siding.
 This was a very quick and inexpensive building to build and makes a nice difference to having kits that are well recognized.
I have a few more building built in a similar fashion that I will add to my pages.


  1. Hey Rod,
    That does look very nice!
    I do like the use of the downpipes to hide the joints, something I will add to the Crushmoore building.
    Thanks for sharing and the info.

  2. Hi Allen. I always like to look at other folks work in N Scale in particular. One can always pick up ideas. and Happy to be of help.
    Hi Dwyane long time no hear. Trust you are well and truly on the mend.
    Happy modeling guys and thanks for your kind comments.