A new building for Guthrie

A bare spot at Guthrie is filled
     For many months I had been thinking about what building would fit the bare spot still lingering in Guthrie.
     So I set about looking through the hundreds of images I took on a trip back in 1997 when myself and three good mates followed the Santa Fe mainline from Chicago to Flynn.
     I came across several candidates but settled on building this one that is made up of the three buildings at the front all pushed together as I guess the company expanded. If I recall I think this was at Pauls Valley.

This is shed one of three.

Shed two, the main building

How they will sit on the RR. shed three is really an open shed and is shown in the next lot of images on the left of these two.

And finished, sitting in it's new home.

     This was a fun set of buildings to scratch build. They are close too but not exactly the same as the images I took however it seems to fit the scene.    
     So that completes all the buildings that were needed for the town of Guthrie all that is needed now is a bit more detailing and this town is done.
Thanks for coming by.


  1. Fantastic looking scene there for Guthrie. That type of building is such a common type of structure that it fits in so well. What sheet styrene are you using for the walls ? When finished it looks so much like metal siding. I've never found anything in the Evergreen products that seemed like a good match.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. G'day Brad
    Thanks I must admit I am quite happy the way these buildings turned out. The corrugated siding is an English product from Slaters. I purchase it from the local hobby shop. It is not truly to scale but it seems to work out pretty well. I spray it with Testors flat grey then give it a wash to top it off.
    I took a look at your blogs the other day and boy you certainly have done a lot of decoder conversions great stuff.

    I am about to update my blog to include all the work that has been done since October last year.

  3. Hi Rod. I reviewed your blog and wow...great work! Very inspiring.
    Frank Kenny