A Bit more to Hackney

     There is another building in Hackney that I failed to mention and that is the Mc Farlane Redi mix plant. I wanted somewhere for my operators to send cement hoppers to from the Winfield cement plant thus Mc Farlane Redi mix was born.
     The main vessels are made from 5/8 inch electrical conduit with the tapered discharge nozzles made by Vic by turning down some aluminium that was a snug fit in one end. Some styrene glued and trimmed finished off the top with some brass handrails and an odd bit of plumbing added. The building behind was just fashioned out of styrene with a conveyor some walkways and steps added. It fit the spot very well and receives a fair amount of traffic each operating session.

The two cement agitators are GHQ kits with a GHQ loader at the rear
     The building in the foreground is just over half of a Micro Engineering building kit as it was cut to fit this narrow space.
The small building on the left is scratch built from a building seen on a trip to Ransom

This scratch built grain elevator is to the right of the other Hackney buildings
     There is nothing else at Hackney however it can be a busy place on some occasions.

That's about it for today thanks again for stopping by.


  1. That's a very well done redi-mix plant, I think the best I've seen. The grain elevator looks fantastic too. Really been enjoying your layout via this blog.

  2. Hi Brad.
    Thanks for stopping by my SFRSD is a labour of love which I enjoy sharing with my operating buddies. Can you direct me to your blog if you have one.

  3. Hi Rod,

    I've actually got a couple of blogs going: