Scratch built barn

The old barn
     The run from Perry to the relocated town of Guthrie was quite long however it resided on a shelf that measures only 6 inches deep that then curves out to form part of the end of the peninsular to allow for my standard radius of 16 1/2 inches as it turns toward Guthrie. At the widest part the scenery looked a little bland and with very little detail. I was reading a copy of MR one day and came across a modeller who had scratch built a rather neglected barn in HO. I thought that something like this would be a good addition to fit this boring scenic area.
     So after a venture to the local hobby shop where I gathered some strip-wood and some corrugated iron I set too to construct my version of and old neglected barn. My first task was to weather the timber using my wash of alcohol and India ink to give the timber the aged look I was looking for. Once this had been set aside to dry I commenced construction. It didn't take that long to form the frame and line the outside with the pre weathered boards. I used the boards in a random fashion to give the effect that some had been replaced over many years and left others off as they would look in an old barn.
     And then some fun as I used a gas stove lighter to singe the timber for the burnt effect. That was scary as the alcohol set the fire raging and it was only luck that I was able to save all the work I had just completed.
     So this is the finished result

The windmill is an etch kit from Spirit Design and the trees are Scenic Express super trees

With some additional ground cover an old water tank and some timber that has rotted and been set fire to over the years and fallen from the roof this old barn now adds a bit of caricature to the overall effect as engineers roll by on their way to and from Guthrie.

More next time.

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