A few changes at Winfield

Changes at Winfield
     For some time John Fahey one of my good friends had been searching for the Walther's Medusa Cement Kit for his Santa Fe Boise City Sub layout without any success. As it happened I was looking to remove the one I had installed at Winfield as I felt it did not quite fit the position and area that I was modeling. So it came off the SFRSD and now resides on his layout at the town of Etter.
     Ron the owner of the CG&SF sent me some images of a small cement facility not that far from our homes that looked like it might do the trick at replacing the previous plant.
     So I set about to scratch build this new facility.
     I decided to construct the main building using Evergreen clapboard siding which to me in N Scale looks a lot like the siding being used on modern buildings back in the mid 80's and still today. The vertical hoppers are made using 5/8ths electrical conduit cut to length and capped with styrene. A few bits and pieces of scrap styrene for the small compressor shed, a piece of painted solder for the air hose, a quick spray with the air brush and the building was completed.
    It now resides at the left hand side of Winfield as the new Winfield Cement Plant.

The original Winfield Cement Plant without the additional detail I added to the roof.   

And the new Winfield Cement Plant
     This new building fits the area much better.

Just recently I have added a good deal more scenery around the plant and the main street of Winfield.
More next time. Catch you later thanks.

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